We hope the following case studies illustrate some of the ways the Christchurch Group Rehabilitation Programme can help those with complex brain injuries and neurological conditions.
Greg’s Journey Towards Independence

In June 2011, Greg, 39, suffered a fall during a weekend away, hitting his head on a curb. Taken by ambulance to hospital, he fell into a coma and was placed on a life support machine for one month. After a year in hospital, Greg came to Christchurch Group in Birmingham.

Aged 27, John sustained a brain injury as a result of a road traffic accident whilst on holiday. He remained in hospital abroad for over a year before being transferred back to the UK and into a Christchurch Group centre.

Karen experienced a traumatic brain injury when she was involved in a road traffic accident whilst living abroad. She entered a Christchurch Group centre for neurorehabilitation.

Peter was 31 years old when he was assaulted outside his home. His injuries resulted in physical, cognitive and behavioural difficulties and he entered Christchurch Group for neurobehavioural and neurorehabilitation.

William was 65 years old when he sustained a trauma to his head as a result of a domestic accident. Following rehabilitation at a Christchurch Group centre, he was able to return home with a package of support to allow him to live independently.